About Poco Posy

Established in 2014, Poco Posy is the brainchild of Bec James, a banking executive who made a heart-based career change to floristry due to her love for beautiful, fresh flowers and passion for people. Being an over-achiever, this ultimately ended up in her opening her own little flower shop!

'Poco' is the Italian word for 'little', and the name Poco Posy was chosen based on the philosophy that you don't need to spend a fortune on a large bouquet of flowers when a little posy of beautifully arranged, seasonal flowers will bring the same amount of joy. At Poco Posy, we love the fact that flowers make people happy, and the more affordable the flowers, the more people can get a little shot of happiness into their lives.

As well as happiness, sustainability is super important to Poco Posy and we are committed to minimising our environmental footprint. We do this by sourcing flowers on a daily basis to decrease wastage (and maximise freshness) and only using recycled hessian or brown paper wrapping for posies. 

Since Poco Posy opened in 2014, it has quickly grown into one of Brisbane's premier daily flower shops and delivery services. We now proudly have a team of 16 staff and are constantly growing and changing to keep our customers happy. Meet the Poco Posy team.

At Poco Posy we pride ourselves on providing a genuine quality product and service and creating beautiful floral memories for our customers.